Elke Von Freudenberg Creates Eyebrow Products

With so many beauty products, why did you choose to focus on brows?

I just love how you can recreate a person, just from their brows. Brows that are uneven or unbalanced can create an expression that the person doesn’t even realize they have. When you have 5 seconds to make that first impression, we really don’t think that eyebrows are the majority of that but they are. In a first impression someone may think you’re angry, sad, tired, surprised, but it’s really your eyebrows creating that expression.

A balanced brow, in shape and color, really can make a huge difference in how a person views themselves. I work on clients going through chemo, disfigurements, scars, eyebrow transplant surgery—all sorts of things. When the eyebrows are balanced, the eyes becomes the focal point. Eyebrows can only change by color, thickness (or thinness) and the shape. When that balance is correct, you get eye contact. You get that great first impression.

What do you believe distinguishes your product from similar brands?

First of all, I hear all the time that the colors just work. It’s the right tone for the eyebrows. Most brow makeup is really just regular makeup with ‘brow’ added to the label. But when you put a color in a color (makeup into the eyebrow) you have to make sure the color blends in well or you end up with eyebrows that look too dark, too orange, too red, green or gray—especially on camera.

Because the colors are correct, a large variety of brow colors can actually use the product. For example, our Day Brow Shadow in Blonde, works great on brunettes that want their brows to look thicker, not darker. It really works because there are no undertones and makes the brows look thicker and fuller without changing the color of the brow.


“If we’re not here to see the beauty in this world, then what are we here for?”


What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur?

To me the biggest challenge was in getting together the right team. I’m very strict on how I like things to be run and for me my reputation and how my business comes across is everything to me. I look for someone who is a team player, who wants to grow and create a better experience, whether it be for the client, the business or for everyone involved in the business.

What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay true to your instincts and what your heart says. I used to listen to others and how they felt things should be and I would always end up being disappointed because it just was not my voice. It’s my name on the door and I need to make sure it reflects my vision and goals.

What is your favorite quote?

“If we’re not here to see the beauty in this world, then what are we here for?”

For more information on Elke or her salon and brow collection, visit elkevonfreudenberg.com.

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