THE STUDIO is an internship program providing college students and recent graduates with real-world experience in branding, marketing, communications and journalism. It is a great opportunity for individuals who aspire to be writers, digital marketers, PR professionals as well as entrepreneurs. It will be the first step towards a successful career!

Emily Charnizon

Social Media Intern, University of Central Florida

"I started out as a social media intern during my junior year of college and was thoroughly able to enhance my skills in the workforce. Working side by side with Mignon, was extremely valuable for someone who was just breaking into the industry. Mignon was, and still is, a friend and mentor to me. She entrusted me to let my creativity lead the path of the company.

Without this internship, I would have never been able to push myself in ways that I was not previously comfortable. Being that I had ownership over the content creation, copy and voice of the social media platforms had only intensified my capability. Luckily, I took these skills with me to get me where I am today, and I am beyond thankful."

What is Emily doing now?

Sales Planner, Walt Disney Television
Co-Founder, @Foodagramerz
Social Media Contractor, Art of Preneur

Jazelle Prado

Journalism & Media Intern, Academy of Art University

“I got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite actors. I couldn’t believe I was sitting right next to a star. At the end of the interview, I felt like a million bucks and it was like I could do an interview with anyone. My confidence changed.”

What is Jazelle doing now?

Co-Founder, @_ourtab_
Podcast Contractor, Art of Preneur