Elke Von Freudenberg Creates Eyebrow Products

Currently, what is your strategy for promoting your business?

We have been working on branching out our PR by networking with magazines and print media. We also launched our Brand Ambassadors recently that we are very excited about. A lot of business is from referrals. We also work on social media to promote the services and products on different channels. We’re pretty active on Facebook, but mostly use Instagram for all the different divisions of the business.

Have you made mistakes while building your beauty brand, and if so, can you share and explain how you readjusted?

A big mistake in the beginning was to just concentrate on one service. I didn’t realize that client demand would expand the business to offer more services than just brow shaping. And my business name was too limiting. I ended up going by my name so that it could include all aspects of my business.

Describe the transition from makeup artist and salon owner to product developer.

When I worked as a makeup artist, I worked during the 80’s and 90’s when glamorous makeup and thin eyebrows was all the rage. Then the modeling business went from super models to up and coming new models that no one knew. Photo shoots got less and less, but I was still getting calls from beauty editors, actors and models to do their eyebrows—whether for an upcoming cover shoot, tv appearance or just to maintain what they had.

I slowly realized that I had a small eye brow business, which then turned into more when threading came on the scene. Clients asked me if I was worried about threading taking away my business, but it was the exact opposite. I had more appointments than I could handle from clients coming in from bad threading that was making their brows uneven and thinner. That led me to develop my Brow Scrub and Brow Serum that helped clients grow their eyebrows in quickly and naturally.

I then added to the eyebrow line that I already had before I opened my own business. Developing new products is a passion of mine and I love coming up with products that work really well, whether it be the right color or formula. I also believe in products that are natural, and we make sure the line is mostly vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.

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