Yin Yin Wu Develops Nature-Based Skincare Line

Is there a special process to create Laloirelle, such as working with chemists and manufactures?

I learned skin care formulation in a very practical way (we engineers tend to focus on practical solutions). I believed to develop great products, one needs to not only understand the basis of formulation, but it is also very important to study the particulars of each ingredient. Fortunately, I had a good foundation in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from my upbringing in China and Hong Kong. A lot of what my grandmother and mother taught me about herbs, I was able to apply it to better understand and select the ingredients in my formulations.

While TCM is the key in my skin care formulations, I did not want to miss the opportunity of incorporating other innovative ingredients that can help boost the effectiveness of my products. So I took various natural skin care formulation courses as well as the Skin Care Ingredients for Cosmetic Professionals course at the University of California at Los Angeles. I’ve learned the science of skin cell aging theory, various innovative ingredients for anti-aging and many other relevant subjects. In addition, I studied and received certifications from three other natural skincare formulation courses.

You focus on the philosophy of Chinese medicine in developing your product. Are there any special herbal ingredients that you use, and do they come from China?

All our herbal ingredients are extracted from Organic Certified herbs. The most special herb we use is the Caterpillar Fungus, also known as Cordyceps Mushroom. In Chinese it is called Dong-Chong-Xia-Cao, meaning that it is a caterpillar in the winter that turns into an herb in the summer. Much of its anti-aging capability is due to its potent antioxidant activity.

We source our premium herbal ingredients worldwide, including China and other countries. For example, our organic black tea is exclusively sourced from protected ancient tea plants in the Yun Nan province of China. The tea plants are from 500 to 2,700 years old, providing unbeatable, all-natural nutrients. Our Ginseng roots are certified organic and forest grown in partnership with United Plant Savers. They are cultivated in their native ecosystem for at least seven years and are sustainably harvested in the USA.

What sets Laloirelle apart from other skincare brands?

The key points that set Laloirelle apart from other skincare brands are: our complex and exclusive formulations, premium quality and extraordinarily effective ingredients.

We never set a budget before we begin crafting a formula. This allows us to optimize each and every product, using a large number of complex natural extracts, and combining them to ensure they deliver the promised results. Organic caterpillar fungus, organic forest grown American Ginseng, organic Reishi mushroom and saffron stem cell—these are not your everyday botanicals for skincare. Yet, they form the foundation of the Laloirelle system.

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