Office Pets: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is the fact that we can call the shots–from what time we work and who we work with, to the culture of the office. This includes bringing pets to the office. It is becoming more commonplace to see pets at the office. You can’t miss them. Their image is emblazoned on websites and scattered across social media, and if you’re lucky, they happily greet you when you enter the office.

Some office pets are even heralded as office mascots and given kitschy monikers. There’s nothing more adorable than a perky puppy, but there are pros and cons to having office pets, and here are a few.

The Good

  1. Reduce stress of you and your employees.
  2. Increase employee satisfaction and improve office morale.
  3. Cut cost for employees who use doggie care or dog walking services.
  4. Soften a company’s image and promote a progressive image.
  5. Add safety (if a dog) for riskier business locations or environments.

The Bad & The Ugly

  1. Barking, whining and frequent walks can be distracting.
  2. Shedding fur can agitate allergies.
  3. Furniture and equipment can quickly become chew toys for young puppies.
  4. Some clients may abhor animals, especially those that jump in their laps, lick them or sniff them inappropriately.
  5. Liability if a dog bites a client or accidentally trips up an employee.

By Mignon Gould

Mignon has been an online publisher and content strategist for more than a decade. Her work has been featured in myriad publications including and Mignon enjoys working with fellow entrepreneurs and supporting them to launch and grow their businesses. Her faves include French macarons, embellished flats and film fashion.

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