The Art of Navigating As A Solopreneur

As a business owner, what’s one thing you wish you had more of?

Being part of several groups and forums dedicated to small businesses, I see this question asked a lot. Undoubtedly, the most common answer is time, with clients being a close second.  

As businesses grow from zero to many clients, there’s a common thread amongst them—they’ve established some sort of process or system for prioritizing, managing and fulfilling important business needs. 

For example, think of your favorite grab and go lunch spot. Chances are, they have several different locations, all operating in a similar manner.

You go in, browse a menu, as you move down the line dictating your order, someone is behind the counter assembling your meal. You get to the checkout and pay. All the while, in the background there’s staff dedicated to replenishing the menu options. 

You know what to expect because they’ve established a system, and this system has allowed them to successfully build their business and grow. Of course this involved many different people and parts.

However, you can apply the same principle to your business, even as a solopreneur. Here are a few strategies to help you find balance as a busy solopreneur.

“Having a cluttered workspace, whether it’s digital or on a desk, will fast track you to being overwhelmed.” 


Oftentimes when things around us are chaotic, we subconsciously begin to internalize that feeling. First, take a look at all of those apps, programs and newsletters that you signed up for. If you find yourself ignoring certain newsletters or not using some apps, guess what—they’ve got to go! Having a cluttered workspace, whether it’s digital or on a desk, will fast track you to being overwhelmed. 

Create all business templates and store these along with any other documents you frequently share with clients. Select a central location to keep these files handy, using a sensible naming system. This will reduce the amount of time you’re spending looking for these items when the need for them arises. 

Develop Your System

Create a system for repeatable processes. Processes such as: crafting email campaigns, content posting, booking appointments, email reminders for those booked appointments, a welcome email sequence, on-boarding and off-boarding sequence. If there are things that you do regularly and repeatedly, chances are, there is some sort of automation to make it easier for you. This will also help to keep things moving as you juggle multiple clients, especially when they’re at different stages of your sales pipeline. 

By Chauntel Greaves

Chauntel Greaves is a Certified Project Manager, with more than ten years of Project Management, and Operations & Implementation experience. She helps consultant and service providers get organized, and implement the right systems, so they can focus on growth and development.

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