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I’m Cindy J Lin, CEO and Co-Founder of HeySoGo (short for Hey Social Good). I’m working passionately to empower people to change the world ONE PURCHASE AT A TIME. My startup shines a light on the people and companies who are creating positive give-back and sustainable impacts to regenerate our health, community & planet. HOVE’s mission is to enrich savvy consumers with well-researched information, social good alternatives & thoughtful data storytelling. We know >80% of consumers prefer to buy from companies who are doing GOOD. So, we FIND, RATE, FALL IN LOVE with the best companies and products that positively impact people, planet, and community so YOU TOO can use business as a force for good. Our new consumer platform, HeySoGo, a “Yelp-like Rotten Tomatoes mash-up” is coming out this winter 2019!

I had achieved my childhood dream of working at the US ​Environmental Protection Agency, where I spent 19 years engaged in international & national water protection projects, water quality standards, cleaning up polluted waters, & sweeping environmental policy changes. I served as US expert on the Clean Water Act,   National Climate Change Work Group, and as Water Adviser at US Embassy in Beijing, China. I am an avid ecologist, sustainable fashionista, & environmental scientist. I received my doctorate in Environmental Science & Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. And, we need to tell our SOCIAL GOOD STORIES so we can all take small steps to make a big impact.

Company Name

Hey Social Good