Backpack Preneur: Deileta Kamhunga

What inspired the name?

When thinking of a name, we focused solely on the idea that children are the world’s biggest blessing. Because without children, the world wouldn’t grow. Therefore, parenting is a huge responsibility and we wanted to build a company that could help to elevate parenting. We believe that by providing quality products for parents, we are helping to make their parenting journey more simplistic, convenient and fun.

Currently what is your strategy for promoting your business?

We promote our business best by attending expos, tradeshows and local events tailored to babies, families and parenting. We also have an Instagram and Facebook account that we use to share digital content of our bag. We also have a website where we sell our products and provide discounts and promotions to our customers who subscribe. In addition to this, we sell on Amazon and we link our social media customers to our amazon site to give them shopping options.

What sets your backpack apart from similar bags for parents?

There’s plenty of diaper backpacks on the market. And often times, you’ll see parents carrying general backpacks that they buy to use as diaper bags because they like the wide-open space that it offers. Well our bag is that, and more. It’s larger than your average backpack and it has a steady structure to prevent the bag from flopping over when opened.

Parents can easily access any and everything they place in their UP Bag because everything has a home. It has pocket’s within pockets, so it keeps parents organized which is a huge deal. There are two oversized insulated thermal pockets that can store up to 4-16.9 ounces bottles of water and two additional liquid containers on the outside of both pockets.

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That makes this a great bag for parents of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) because they will have more than enough space for bottles on-the-go. There’s a built-in credit card pocket and phone holder on the shoulder straps for convenient shopping and communication. There’s a security pocket on the backside of the bag that holds personal items like passports and wallets.

You know the wipe cutout that most diaper bags have? The wipe compartment on the UP Bag is hidden with a magnetic flap that disguises the bag from “looking like a diaper bag.” We want this bag to be used well beyond diaper days, when the diaper bag functions are no longer a high priority. There’s so much more that our bag offers but we believe these are the biggest factors that set our bag apart from others on the market.

What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur is the big question of wondering what I don’t know and what I could be doing better. There’s so much to learn and I think it’s so important for me to continue to remember that with time comes wisdom. We have met so many people and continue to expand our network with every event we attend. So we are looking forward to growing and reaching more families each and every day.

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    Wow, I loved reading that article. I hope it inspires others small businesses to keep going.

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