Catherine Dionne Makes Donating Easier

Are there any plans to develop an app for Welfact?

Developing a complementary mobile app for Welfact may take place in the distant future, 2-3 years out. Our primary focus right now is validating the business model and creating a product our users absolutely love.

Describe challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far as a first time entrepreneur is overcoming doubt. I’ve gone through periods where I second-guess my skill set, my work ethic and my ability to make things happen. I think I underestimated this emotional roller coaster, and have found myself forced to grow in the discomfort. In the name of making progress, I’ve learned to be more open, to seek help when needed and admit my faults.

The doubt still comes every once in a while, but the emotional intensity has decreased in size. Regardless, I can’t help but remain grateful for it all. If it weren’t for the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have discovered and worked through some of my most significant personal barriers.


“What barrier is there that love cannot break?” ― Mahatma Gandhi


What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs is to surround yourself with people who, by their sheer presence, force you to do and be better. Find mentors for guidance, friends for support, and trust that you can work through any problem.

What is your favorite quote?

There are so many great minds to choose from, but one of them definitely has to be: “What barrier is there that love cannot break?” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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