Want To Be Interviewed For Our Podcast Series?

By Art of Preneur

Art of Preneur is a curated community for women entrepreneurs. We're on a bold mission to curate one of the largest community directories of female founders (150,000 by 2025). Our goal is to help women-owned businesses gain media exposure and access to resources, such as funding and mentorship. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

2 thoughts on “Want To Be Interviewed For Our Podcast Series?

  • Mignon Gould

    Soon we will be launching a video podcast series called Fierce Founders, where we will have candid conversations with entrepreneurs about launching, growing and pivoting their businesses. If you have a story to share, we invite you to share your business website and at least one social media platform below. We will be selecting female founders to interview starting in October.

    Looking forward to hearing, and sharing your stories!

    Keep creating,

  • Christina Hager

    This looks amazing! As a female business owner, I appreciate the opportunity to come together in the community. My journey as a female founder and entrepreneur came after a decade-long career as a professional opera singer. Talk about a pivot!

    I feel grateful I was able to find a second chapter I am so passionate about.

    I would love to be interviewed, and I also have several fantastic women I would nominate as well who would be terrific guests.

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